[SOLVED] How to install BASIC UI when not present in Paper_UI config?

I recently installed OH2.1 Hasbian on RaspberryPi2. I would like to see my freshly created sitemap in my browser through BASIC_UI but it’s not there (I can see it in the android app). I read this may be caused by choosing ‘simple’ over ‘expert’ during installation, something I probably did ;-). I also read it should be installed through Paper_UI/config, but I do not see any reference to Basic_UI there. What can I do to install it?

Maybe you are looking at the wrong place? Go to “User Interface” tab:

Aha, you are right, but I only have the ‘tabs’: bindings, misc, and voice! So now the question is: why did I get less tabs?

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You could try editing your /services/addons.cfg and choose another package, but I’m not sure if that will help.

package = expert

You may need to restart openHAB after the change.


Yes! That worked. It took a while to load, but then I had all the tabs and could install Basic UI.