[SOLVED] How to show SUM power consumption?

I am trying to show a summary of total current power consumption using the SUM functionality. But I don’t get it working. The TotalPower item is never initialized (always shows “- W” although all power values in gPower group are available)

In items file I did:
Group:Number:SUM TotalPower “Gesamtleistung [%.1f W]” (gPower)

In sitemap file:
Text item=TotalPower {
Frame {
… }

Any idea what can be wrong?

You have to add your power items to the TotalPower group. Making TotalPower a member of gPower only makes it a peer to your power items so there is nothing for it to sum.

Hi Rich,

It works like charm the way you proposed. Now I understand how it actually works. Many thanks and greetings from Germany!