[SOLVED] How to sum up alarm events


Being a true openHAB fan I use it also for reporting and alarming several states in the house.
I have grouped all alarms via Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) alarm "Alarm states [%s]" <siren> and added all items with the corresponding state to that group. So as soon as one of the items belonging to that group is switched ON the alarm is set and its also counted how many are in alarm state.

But now I also want to include doors with state “OPEN, CLOSE” to that group which doesn’t work. Is there a chance to include them too, or do I have to set up another group and an overall alarm group?

Hope I described the problem correctly.

You need to create another group for your contacts (OPEN/CLOSE) otherwise your groups state will change to UNDEF if mix different item types together in a group.

Ok, understood. But I can’t group them depending on their Open / Close state, i.e. Group:Switch:OR(OPEN,CLOSE) is not working because a BOOLEAN value is expected. How can I address it?

OPEN/CLOSE are not appropriate states for a Switch type Group.


Super. I knew that already as I described. But how can I solve my problem. Unfortunately not with this answer.

Okay, if you already knew Group:Switch:OR(OPEN,CLOSE) wouldn’t work, its a bit puzzling.

With Switch type members, this will count ONs.
With Contact type members, this will count OPENs.
The count is available to you in rules.

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