[SOLVED] Howto add config tool when installed by Package Repository Installation method


I followed instructions to install openhab package based on my rpi like described here:

In general openhab2 works fine but I’m missing the openhabian-config tool which would allow me to do stuff like install frontail etc.

Can it be somehow be installed to do this tasks?

Or are there other steps on how to manually install & configure frontail for repo based installations?

Thanks for any help

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you could follow: https://docs.openhab.org/installation/openhabian.html#manual-setup

Worked like a charm. The only risk is that I run something in the openhab-config tool which is newer then the installed package version of openhab and it breaks it. But frontail for at least and probably also other tools can be installed with this method without having to worry about installation & setup

openHABian is a set of tools that includes the same openHAB package and using the same method as the one you’ve installed. There shouldn’t be anything specific to the openHAB package inside openHABian to conflict with what you already have.

The question that remains is. Should I do future updates of openhab through apt packages or by using openhabian-config?

I think that openhabian is using apt to update OH2, so…

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