[SOLVED] HTPP Binding Regex 2 Temperatures

Hi to all, i have a problem with a item.

I use HTTP Binding to read 2 seperate temperature from a webpage which are seperated with 2 comma like this 12.20,,20.20

The problem is that i tried many combinations of regex some of them loaded without errors and some of them didn’t work at all…i tried seperate with just the 1 temperature with the 2 comma to find where was the problem but still the value doesn’t load even when i don’t get any error in openhab log file.

I have installed Regex and the items load without error.

This is a try i made with just 1 temperature and the value which is trying to read was like this:
,,20.30 but it didn’t work either…

Number HTTPMesa "HTTPMesa [%.2f]" { http="<[!,,).)+(.*))]" }

The final result i try to be
2 Different Items

HTTP Temp1: 12.20
HTTP2 Temp: 20.20


Can you post the content of the webpage so we can have a go, please?

This is the full content(i can change if needed the 2 commas to anything if that help)


Openhab Sitemap(the value on HTTPMesa is from test which i did when i had only 1 temperature)

To get the second value the REGEX is REGEX(.*,,(.*))
To get the first value the REGEX is REGEX((.*),,.*)

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Thanks a lot man you are awesome! :slight_smile:

I used: