[SOLVED] HTTP Addon Support in openHAB 3.0


is the HTTP Addon (OH1) supported in openHAB 3.0?


No, but there will be an alternative.

Ok i installed today the Snapshot. There was the HTTP Binding and worked?

Is this a question?

Yes. I am erroneous.

If it does work, why don’t you want to use it anymore? I think there are many people who use it. Do you have to rewrite your code for the alternative?

If you are talking about the openHAB 1.x http binding:
oh1 bindings use the compatibility layer to run at oh2. It was discussed and as I remember decided to drop this layer in openHAB 3.
Development of an oh2 (oh3) version of the http binding has started, but I have no clue about the progress.

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