[Solved] HTTP Binding open url


I wanna send a request to the url http://192.168.xxx.xxxx/roller/0?go=open to open,close or stop my shelly rollershutter. How can I do this? I want to control the items with alexa.

Can you show us what you’ve tried so far, and where you are stuck?

I have no idea to bring this url in a item. That’s why I can’t show you anything and I need help

have a look at HTTP - Bindings | openHAB
It is also possible to use the Exec binding by creating a script which runs e.g. a curl or wget command.
You could try executeCommandLine which is similar to the exec binding.

Are you aware that there’s an Alexa skill to connect to openHAB via the myopenHAB cloud?

Yes. But how can I connect an roller shutter channel with open, close and stop in one channel with Alexa?

Why you are not using the Shelly Binding?

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Have you looked at any examples?

The shelly binding integrates the channel, but ALL e.g. open, close and stop in one channel. I dont now I can alexa tell to control that one channel in three ways. Thats the main problem.

Yes I saw that. But he controls the rollershutter with percent. I cant do that (shelly problem). I only can control it with open, close and stop.

Oh, more like this

I don’t understand how that can help in my situation :frowning:

Well, it explains how to get UP, DOWN,STOP commands from Alexa, which is what you said you wanted.

Are you trying to solve everything in one thought? There are two parts to your objective. Get commands you want from Alexa to an openHAB Item. Get commands from an openHAB Item to your HTTP device. Two separate jobs.

Ok I explain my idea. The current situation is one channel with 3 modes open, close and stop. I can’t add a alexa metadata for that one channel with 3 function.
My idea is to seperate the 3 commands in 3 difrent channels. Then I want to add in all 3 channel seperate alexa metadatas.
Is this the wrong way? Does anyone know a better way?

Yes. See further references in earlier thread

I solved my problem. Easy way:
I created 3 dummy switches for open, close and stop. Then I created 3 rules. When e.g. the stop switch chaned from off to on, then send command “stop” to the shelly control channel and update state of the stop switch back to OFF. Thats all. Now I have 3 switched modded to buttons that I can seperate control with alexa metadata =)