(SOLVED)I need help whit expire bindings

Im trying to do a switch witch will expire after 2 seconds and its not working.
This is my working switch :

Switch PowerReleu1 "Power Releu 1" <poweroutlet> [ "Switchable" ] {mqtt=">[broker:SmartHome/Power/Releu1:command:ON:Z3ON],>[broker:SmartHome/Power/Releu1:command:OFF:Z3OFF],<[broker:SmartHome/Power/Releu1/state:state:ON:Z3ON],<[broker:SmartHome/Power/Releu1/state:state:OFF:Z3OFF]", autoupdate="false"}

This is my expire switch (not working) :

Switch PowerReleu1 "Power Releu 1" <poweroutlet> [ "Switchable" ] {mqtt=">[broker:SmartHome/Power/Releu1:command:*:default]",expire="2s,command=OFF"}

can someone tell me what i`m doing rong pls.


expire is a binding that you have to install.
It’s a 1.x binding, but as you are using MQTT 1.x you must have already enabled legacy bindings.

Your working Item has Z3OFF for the MQTT and your non-working one doesn’t - do you think that might be important? Is there some reason that you didn’t just add the expire part to the end of your working Item binding config { } ?

problem solved,i din`t have installed expire bindings…

I did try every combination but did not worked ,expire whos not installed.
THX for the help.

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