[SOLVED] Icons not found - wrong folder?


maybe I am to stupid but I am not able to show the own Icons in openHAB2.

I installed openHAB2 on a RaspPi 3 via the apt. That works fine. I also installed the astro binding which is working. There I defines a Frame on the sitemap to show different information which is ok. The problem are some the images.

At the moment there is the zodiac libra. So I need a zodiad-libra.svg image file which I placed in the /etc/openhab2/icons/classic folder. If I call the basicui I got a 404. The request here is:

I have the same problem with the sunmoon and the fullmoon image. The sunset, sunrise and moon image is working. What is wrong here?

I am using the wrong directory? But if this so what’s correct one? I read the documentation but did not find anything else.

Thank you.

You can’t mix bitmaps and vector files. Make sure you have the correct settings in
PaperUI -> Services -> UI -> BasicUI -> Configure -> Icon Format (either bitmap or vector)

zodiad with a d? Is that a typo?
Also, you must have a default icon for dynamic icons to work, so you will need a zodiac.svg icon as well

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Images are set to vector.
Oh, sorry, zodiac… typo…

The zodiac.svg was missing… Oh how stupid… :-/ Sorry.

Coolio, please mark the thread as solved, thanks