[SOLVED] IKEA Trådfri Brightness - fraction, not int-percentage?


I connected my first IKEA Trådfri bulb just now:
Number GF_Stairway_Light_Dimmer "Stairway Light Brightness " {channel="tradfri:0100:blablabla:65538:brightness"}

And I put a rule in to adjust the brightness when it is turned on.

But it seems the brightness the bulb is reporting is a decimal type (0.8, 0.5 et cetera) and not what all my other lights are using (80, 50 int type, percentage).

I don’t see other cases of this in the forums, is there something in my setup or something I have misunderstood?

I can adjust my values to something IKEA would like better, but if I can get the IKEA Bulb to behave like the rest of my lights that’s better of course.

What type of Item is linked to the Brightness/Dimmer channel of the bulb? Usually the entry for the Channel in PaperUI will tell you what you must use.

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Here is a typical .item definition for a CT Ikea light:

Switch OMR_readinglightState       (bedRoom, bedRoomLights) { channel = "tradfri:0220:gwb072bf25aee1:65562:brightness" }
Dimmer OMR_readinglightBright      (bedRoom)                { channel = "tradfri:0220:gwb072bf25aee1:65562:brightness" }
Dimmer OMR_readinglightTemp        (bedRoom)                { channel = "tradfri:0220:gwb072bf25aee1:65562:color_temperature" }

Note that the same channel can take both ON/OFF Switch values and 0-100 Dimmer values

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Thanks! In other words the error was in the definition of the Item where I had put in Number instead of Dimmer (which all my other dimmers are defined as as well).