[SOLVED] [INFO ] [est.sitemap.internal.SitemapResource] - Received HTTP GET request at

Running on openHAB 2.3.0-1. Have not upgraded yet as I will need some time fix the zwave issues before updating.
In any case, my log is blowing up with error:

[INFO ] [est.sitemap.internal.SitemapResource] - Received HTTP GET request at '' for the unknown sitemap 'dailytask'.

i had removed or renamed that sitemap at some point. think i renamed. in any case, its not still there and its blowing up my log.


Bad to worse. Now having general sitemap issues. I deleted on of the sitemaps and created a new one with a new name. Log shows it loads without errors but its not showing up in the ui. no error just continued scrolling issue above.

Did you try to clear the cache?
Could there be a mobile app somewhere running that still tries to access that sitemap?

Hey Ron, good thought. Didn’t think the app would cache that but maybe. I uninstalled and reinstalled on my phone. I have a tablet down there that I will check tomorrow.

@noppes123 turned out to be that tablet . Not sure why it does that but uninstalled openhab app and it cleared it up. thanks!

Glad it got fixed.