[SOLVED] Innr Smart Plug 120 and Philips Hue?

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How can I use an Innr Smart Plug 120 which I already coupled with my Philips Hue bridge? I am able to switch the plug on and off via the Philips He app. Unfortunately, I could not find any documentation beyond the Philips Hue Binding and this thread and I still have no clue how to define my item because it may require a different channel definition. Here is my setup:


Bridge hue:bridge:<BRIDGEID> [ ipAddress="<IPADDRESS>", userName="myUserName", pollingInterval=5, sensorPollingInterval=250 ]  {

	// On/Off Plug-in Units 0x0010
	0010 MyOnOffPlug [ lightId="11" ] // innr smart plug 120
	// ...


Switch MyOnOffPlug_Toggle "My innr plug" { channel="hue:0010:<BRIDGEID>:11:color" }

I would be glad if someone could post a working setup or just point in the right direction! Thank you!


I’ve never used Smart Plugs via Hue Bridge, but you can try:

Switch MyOnOffPlug_Toggle "My innr plug" { channel="hue:0010:<BRIDGEID>:11:switch" }


Switch MyOnOffPlug_Toggle "My innr plug" { channel="hue:0010:1:MyOnOffPlug:switch" }

Thank you @Celaeno1 for the suggestion! Yes, you are right, switch should be the correct channel definition and it should work according to the binding documentation.

Edit: @Celaeno1 was absolutely right with his suggestion. I did not realise that 1 was the bridge id so I accidentally used it.

Now I found out that this is the correct channel definition for an innr SP 120:

Switch MyOnOffPlug_Toggle "My innr plug" { channel="hue:0010:<BRIDGEID>:MyOnOffPlug:switch" }

So @Celaeno1 was already quite close to the solution! Thank you again for your post!

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Sorry for confusing you a little bit. I don’t use a .things file for my Hues. They are autodiscovered.

Without a .things file you have to use the following channel:

e.g. for a bulb:
where my “12” (below) is the ID (or number) of the “light” in Hue Bridge. There are also existing own IDs (or numbers) for “sensors”.

{ channel="hue:0210:<BRIDGEID>:12:color" }
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Never mind! I am really grateful that you have pushed me into the right direction!

Also thank you for the further information. I believe this will be helpful for future issues with the SP 120.

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Sorry @Celaeno1! Your first suggestion was already the perfect solution!

So I have edited my response above and marked @Celaeno1’s post as solution. Honour to whom honour is due! :wink:

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Hi, has anybody managed to use/see power and voltage consumption of the SP120 connected via HUE Bridge? I can change the state via a switch item in Openhab bute had no success on the consumption.

Switch  INNR_KG_PLUG_DRYER_Toggle              "Trockner"        <poweroutlet>   (KG_Boiler, gPower) { channel="MYHUEBRIDGE:27:switch" } 
    String  INNR_KG_PLUG_DRYER_Power               "Trockner Power"        <poweroutlet>   (KG_Boiler, gPower) { channel="MYHUEBRIDGE:27:power" } 
    Number  INNR_KG_PLUG_DRYER_Voltage               "Trockner Spannung"        <poweroutlet>   (KG_Boiler, gPower) { channel="MYHUEBRIDGE:27:voltage" }

I had seen some used the channel voltage and power in deconz but as stated above I connect the plugs via Hue.

What would be the correct channel and item type?


AFAIK the Hue Binding only has thing typeOn/Off” for a 0010 = On/Off Plug-in Unit.
This corresponds to channel type: switch

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