[SOLVED] Innr Smart Plug 120 and Philips Hue?

How can I use an Innr Smart Plug 120 which I already coupled with my Philips Hue bridge? I am able to switch the plug on and off via the Philips He app. Unfortunately, I could not find any documentation beyond the Philips Hue Binding and this thread and I still have no clue how to define my item because it may require a different channel definition. Here is my setup:


Bridge hue:bridge:<BRIDGEID> [ ipAddress="<IPADDRESS>", userName="myUserName", pollingInterval=5, sensorPollingInterval=250 ]  {

	// On/Off Plug-in Units 0x0010
	0010 MyOnOffPlug [ lightId="11" ] // innr smart plug 120
	// ...


Switch MyOnOffPlug_Toggle "My innr plug" { channel="hue:0010:<BRIDGEID>:11:color" }

I would be glad if someone could post a working setup or just point in the right direction! Thank you!


I’ve never used Smart Plugs via Hue Bridge, but you can try:

Switch MyOnOffPlug_Toggle "My innr plug" { channel="hue:0010:<BRIDGEID>:11:switch" }


Switch MyOnOffPlug_Toggle "My innr plug" { channel="hue:0010:1:MyOnOffPlug:switch" }

Thank you @Celaeno1 for the suggestion! Yes, you are right, switch should be the correct channel definition and it should work according to the binding documentation.

Edit: @Celaeno1 was absolutely right with his suggestion. I did not realise that 1 was the bridge id so I accidentally used it.

Now I found out that this is the correct channel definition for an innr SP 120:

Switch MyOnOffPlug_Toggle "My innr plug" { channel="hue:0010:<BRIDGEID>:MyOnOffPlug:switch" }

So @Celaeno1 was already quite close to the solution! Thank you again for your post!

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Sorry for confusing you a little bit. I don’t use a .things file for my Hues. They are autodiscovered.

Without a .things file you have to use the following channel:

e.g. for a bulb:
where my “12” (below) is the ID (or number) of the “light” in Hue Bridge. There are also existing own IDs (or numbers) for “sensors”.

{ channel="hue:0210:<BRIDGEID>:12:color" }
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Never mind! I am really grateful that you have pushed me into the right direction!

Also thank you for the further information. I believe this will be helpful for future issues with the SP 120.

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Sorry @Celaeno1! Your first suggestion was already the perfect solution!

So I have edited my response above and marked @Celaeno1’s post as solution. Honour to whom honour is due! :wink:

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Hi, has anybody managed to use/see power and voltage consumption of the SP120 connected via HUE Bridge? I can change the state via a switch item in Openhab bute had no success on the consumption.

Switch  INNR_KG_PLUG_DRYER_Toggle              "Trockner"        <poweroutlet>   (KG_Boiler, gPower) { channel="MYHUEBRIDGE:27:switch" } 
    String  INNR_KG_PLUG_DRYER_Power               "Trockner Power"        <poweroutlet>   (KG_Boiler, gPower) { channel="MYHUEBRIDGE:27:power" } 
    Number  INNR_KG_PLUG_DRYER_Voltage               "Trockner Spannung"        <poweroutlet>   (KG_Boiler, gPower) { channel="MYHUEBRIDGE:27:voltage" }

I had seen some used the channel voltage and power in deconz but as stated above I connect the plugs via Hue.

What would be the correct channel and item type?


AFAIK the Hue Binding only has thing typeOn/Off” for a 0010 = On/Off Plug-in Unit.
This corresponds to channel type: switch

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I am using de Innr sp-120 with the Rasbee on a seperate raspberry. How do I find the correct bridge id en device id to switch in openhab? After adding the binding Deconz, this binding is online but no devices are found.

Hi, there are still rumors, the innr plug SP 120 is able to measure power.
Will the hue binding support this “ghost feature” in the future?
I haven’t read a clear answer to this (sorry, if I missed it)