[SOLVED] Install Binding (Denon HEOS) from zip

Dear all,

first of all to all developers here: Great job by programming openHAB and all the bindings! I installed OH2 just two days ago on my Synology DS218 and connected it to my homematic system, Hue lights, and surveillance station cameras. HABPanel was also designed. Works all great!

Now I’m having troubles in installing the Denon HEOS binding. (The Denon binding could be installed, but it just doesn’t offer the HEOS functionalities…). My problem
-on the OH webpage, the Denon HEOS binding is listed. But not in the paper UI.
-I found some code of the Denon HEOS binding on the github page, which I can download as zip. But for a manual installation I need a jar file. (Worked fine when I installed the Synology Surveillance Station binding.)
Any tips what I can do or how I can get a jar file?

Many thanks for your hints in advance,
Doc MC

Open an issue on the GitHub page and ask the developer.

Thank you and OK. Just ashaming for me not to think about this by myself :frowning:

Any hint why the binding is not shown on paper UI but on the OH webpage and how to “update” the paper UI?

That looks to be an old OH page. Other than that, i am not sure.
@Kai may know why.

The HEOS binding was only recently added and is not available in current openHAB version 2.4. The documentation shows the latest, which is actually not the latest release, but latest snapshot version. (I guess this is not very clear).

Don’t open issues just to get a jar file of a merged pr. Either there is a jar file available that works for older versions of openHAB and then it’s posted here. Mostly like for new bindings there is a topic, like:


OK, I meanwhile could get the jar file and install it. Seems to work.

Thank you all, now my weekend is saved :slight_smile:
Doc MC

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I assumed it was not integrated. Google only turned up an outside repo.

Yes it got merged a few weeks ago. So that’s why Google also doesn’t really ‘know’ about this.

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