[SOLVED] Install Milestone build on openHabian


Can someone provide me with some info or link on how to change to ‘testing’ phase instead of ‘stable’. I couldn’t find any info…


I have found it just after issuing this post, in the openhab-config ‘Fresh install’ or a menu called something like this…

You mean:

 60 | Manual/Fresh Setup   Go through all openHABian setup steps manually ►   

and then “testing”?

[ ] 64 | openHAB stable       Install the latest openHAB release                                              │
[ ]    | openHAB testing      Install the latest openHAB testing build                                        │
[ ]    | openHAB unstable     (Alternative) Install the latest openHAB SNAPSHOT build
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Yes, exactly

Thanks. I will give it a try soon. After backing it up :wink:

Does “testing” mean “milestone”?
As a reminder for me and for everybody who also is not sure about that:

If you want to switch to milestone build choose openHAB testing.

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Hello there

i am running openhabian on my ubuntu vm and i have no “testing” option, neither do i have 60 manual/fresh setup when opening the config …

I’d like to try the new milestone because i hope the homekit bugs i am suffering from are solved (mdns) …

You do realize the menu options have likely changed in 2 years and a new thread should be created?

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Sorry …
I also found it finally in the 40s. :slight_smile:

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