(Solved) Installation of addons is gone

I am running Openhab 3.2.0M5
Without clue, I do not have the default openhab bindings available anymore in PaperUI to install. The addons pages only contain the marketplace addons, bit not the official openhab-addons (while this has been installed with apt-get).
I have also downloaded th M5 kar file and addes it in the addons folder but at no avail.
What can I do to install addons again via the GUI?

Well, there isn’t a PaperUI in OH 3. You mean MainUI or are you in fact running a 2.5 version of OH?

What’s in the logs?

Indeed MainUi. Nothing appears in the logs related to the bindings
Already installed bindings work fine

In the browser open Developer Tools → Console and look for errors there.

I do not install bindings everyday so I am not sure whther this happened since upgrading to M5. On M4 this was ok

If I click on Other it gives an empty list and below message in console
Empty string passed to getElementById().

Have you restarted the browser? Maybe clear the cache in the browser first.

Have you restarted OH?

If you interact with the REST API Docs do you get reasonable results?

Did not yet clear the cache but it is on multiple devices.
Did restart OH already
Rst API is normal

Probably not relevant but applied the log4j2 workaround in /etc/default/openhab

You specifically queried the add-ons and it returned a JSON with all available add-ons?

Then nothing makes sense. The message you reported indicated that no add-ons were being returned by the REST API. The best I can offer is to file an issue on the web UI. But I suspect one of your logs is in fact telling you something and you’re not recognizing it.

I query the adding but only the marketplace addons, the rule templates… addons are displayed. The ones that are installed by the addons.kar or via apt-get install openhab-addons are not displayed, in neither category

Purged openhab and reinstalled everything and restored a backup. All is back normal.
Thanks for having looked into it @rlkoshak !

Just in case it happens again: I faced the same situation multiple times when upgraded to M4, clearing the openhab cache and restarting the service always solved it.

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