[SOLVED] iOS App does not show selection content

Thank you to all the people helping with the development of Openhab.

I am running Openhab 2.4 and iOS App 2.2.35
I am using “WiFi LED” binding with “JSONPATH transformation”.

Selection   item=Mirror_LedStrip_Effect label="Mirror LED Effects" icon="rgb"

I have a sitemap with a “Selection item”.
The selection shows correctly in the Sitemap on my PC and Android Smart Phone, but not on any of my Apple devices. The selection header shows but no content on the Apple devices.

IPhone Screen Shot

PC Screen Shot

Has any one out there seen this ?

Is this a new iPhone?

Please try the latest build on TestFlight, should fix this issue.

iPhone 10 with all the updates, iOS and Openhab

Hi Weakfl

Thank you, that did solve the issue. I can now see the selection on iOS device with the new build.


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Welcome :slight_smile:

We should have a new release soon. You can switch back to the AppStore version by re-installing if you want.
Additional testers are always a good thing though. If you notice any problems, let us know and file an issue on github.

Thanks for the quick response weakfi.

Is it possible to have the selection pull through to a group so that I can get the same effect on different LED strip controllers from the one place? The Selection does not work at all in the Group.

You’ll have to create a rule for that. Just broadcast the new state to the group on change.

Thanks Again, I will go and have a look at the rule.