[SOLVED] IP assignment of connected devices

Hi there !

I am searching through the documentation and other questions added here and I can’t seem to find more detailed info of how OpenHab assigns static IP addresses to connected devices.


you won’t find any info… because OH2 does not do that :slight_smile:

give more info to understand what you are looking for

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Ok. Basically, I am connecting my phone to the network and through the paperUI I have found the IP address assigned to my device and I was trying to understand better how it does it.

which binding are you using?
most likely the network binding (?)
this does a network scan when you search for things

Info: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/network/#discovery

As @Dim said, openHAB Does not do that! AFAIK the network binding (just guessing what you might use) pings all available addresses in the subnet and returns a list of live devices!

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Yes, indeed I am using the network binding. I am kind of a newbie in the network domain and I was wondering where does that address comes from.

Most probably from your DHCP server (which normally is the same with your router)!

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Ok, thanks a lot, guys ! I will try to understand these concepts better.


OpenHAB doesn’t do that, a DHCP server on your LAN does that. It is most likely your internet provider router.
There should be a way to log in the router to change the configurations. See your manual. Most routers have the ability to assign fixed internal IP addresses.

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