[SOLVED] IP-Camera: stream to tablet on event

Hello Everybody

I have an IP-Camera right next to the door. When the door-bell is ringed OH2 gets the event.
I have a tablet (iPad / Android in the same network) and want to do push the Video-stream to the tablet so that I see who is at the door without manualy navigating to the Webview on the sitemap (increasing WAF :wink: )
Is it managable with the myopenhab - App?

Thanks for some hints!

I don’t know what app you are using on these tablets, but the easiest way should be creating a rule which is fires when the bell button is pushed, then it sends the right URL to the browser which is containing the Webview element. After some minutes, you can send another command to revert back to the main sitemap.
On iPad, it is a little bit tricky, right now I don’t have any easy/fast solution. On Android if you use HabPanelViewer, I think it can accept URLs to display. Or you can alternatively use MQTT on the Android tablet.

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Hi @rkrisi
thanks for your hint, sounds that this solves my problem. Do you have an example of how to send an URL to HabPanelViewer? Thanks a lot for your Help!

I solved it. I created an habpanelviewer-String Item

String Tablet_Control
linked it with the app to get the commands from OH2.
Then in the rule I set

Tablet_Control.sendCommand("SHOW_URL ")

On Android a new window is opend :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for this hint

all commands for habpanelviewer: