[SOLVED] IP Tunneling establishing connection failed

I have a KNX network with a KNX-IP tunneling interface of MDT Technologies (SCN-IP000.02). Interface data are:
IP Address: (set “always the same”)
Http Port: 8080
Host individual address: 1.1.1 (IP interface application)
Individual address: 1.1.241 (e-mail application)
Tunneling Addresses: 1.1.241, 1.1.242, 1.1.243 and 1.1.244
My knx.cfg file is configured as follows:
ip =
busaddr = 1.1.243
type = TUNNEL.
When openHAB starts, in the openhab.log file these messages appear:
2017-09-10 15: 44: 33.936 [ERROR] [tuwien.auto.calimero] - KNXnet / IP Tunneling establishing connection failed, timeout connecting to control endpoint /
2017-09-10 15: 44: 33.936 [ERROR] [nx.internal.connection.KNXConnection] - Error connecting to KNX bus: timeout connecting to control endpoint /
2017-09-10 15: 44: 33.938 [WARN] [nx.internal.connection.KNXConnection] - Initial connection to KNX bus failed!
Does anyone know why?

Thank you very much

Hello OpenHABVirgina,

I have the same problem right now and I would like you to ask if it is possible to post your solution?

Best regards

In the kxn.cfg file I set the same IP address as the LAN-KNX interface, ie
and not that of the gateway
It seems to me that this is everything

Ok, thanks. That doesn’t seem to be my problem