[Solved] Is home.myopenhab.org down?

Getting 504 gateway timeout on home.myopenhab.org, google “unable to reach openhab”.
I guess that’s server problem, not my installation?

I also started seeing this message since this morning.

hello, any news from admins about poor performance of GW? it’s a great product, so i will be happy to pay to help to solve this problem and make OH stable :slight_smile:

With browser I started to get 504 gateway timeout . And with app java net socket timeout exception.

for me it’s impossible to connect via app from mobile…

App always worked good for me. Android Galaxy Note 8. but get timeout now. The browser page is now loading very, very slowly and appears to be missing its formatting.

Perhaps it´s related to this, even though myopenhab claims it´s up running:

Past Events

Nov 13, 2018

Automatic website monitoring identified an issue with openHAB Demo Server.

Nov 12, 2018

Automatic website monitoring identified an issue with openHAB Demo Server.


Accessing OpenHAB from my computer, the site is a bit slow, however it is still usable.

Accessing it from the android app (which updated a few days ago), it is extremely slow. From opening the app, until the dashboard is shown, it takes more than a minute. Navigating the dashboard from the android app is similarly slow.

I’m observing the same, using my android phone in Germany(Vodafone).

I’ve noticed the issue before the app upgrade, so IMO the issue exists on server side. I’ve set a vpn connection to home, and configured the local ip as remote server in the app, it works fine also. Unfortunately it seems, there is a storm in the clouds…

i’ve seen from the adnroid app in LAN WIFI, it’s slow (about one minute to load content of OH devices), but from IOS app, it’s fast. i suppose it’s related to last update released for android.
from LAN webinterface and from LAN WIFI IOS APP, it’s everything fast.
From outsite, 3g or internet, everything goes in timeout expired both from APP and from myopenhab website.

yes, very nice workaround to manage temporarly home devices! good idea!

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If you want to support financially myopenhab.org, become a member of https://www.openhabfoundation.org/

See here how: Ready to join the openHAB Foundation?

They pay all the expenses for maintaining the forum, demo, website, myopenhab servers, as well as events, etc

From what I know, the infrastructure maintenance team is already working to scale up the myopenhab platform by adding more computing power to handle the increased load.

Ps: You will also get that cool smiley next to your avatar! :stuck_out_tongue: image

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Lots of links in that thread no longer works.

True…I would reply in that thread for Kai to fix the first post
Actually, from the first post, only https://www.openhabfoundation.org/members/membership.html gives a 404 I think. All others are ok.

Hi All,
myopenhab.com is still down. Click on:

You are using openHAB 2.x. Click here to access your openHAB’s dashboard

Will result in a 504 Gateway Time-out

and Google Home integration does not work

that link just gives me :cry: Should it be .org and not .com ?


Correct is .org


but sesult is the same, 504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out

nginx/1.10.0 (Ubuntu)

Mmmm… It seems that the NGINX proxy that gives access to our local openHAB installations through the cloud connection is saturated or out of service. Could it be an attack?

They are looking into this.

It’s more complex than just adding more hardware… see this (from Nov/17)