[Solved] Is home.myopenhab.org down?

Hoping everything backs to normal ASAP, thanks for the help cheers!!!

Thank you Dan, but for me it is NOT solved.
IOS App is still very slow…a Little bit better than yesterday but not as before….
i have restarted my openHAB instance but that as no effect.

What i can i do ?

Thank you very much!

the Problem is still the same:

When i go to www.myopenhab.org and make a Login on the Website an then click on the link to remote controll my OH, then everything is fast and smooth.

When i open my browser and browse directly to https://home.myopenhab.org/basicui/app and make an authentication in the browser popup-window, then everything is very slow ?

IOS App is very slow too…everything is slow…why is the first way fast and smooth ?

Any ideas?


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Still not working for me either

Same here. The iOS App is still not able to connect. Browser on iPhone works fine.

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Here the same.

I also keep having the same problem @Dan.

Thank you for your hard work

Thanks Dan, yes all working now!

Not working for me yet. Still slow and/or timing out if I try to access console via myopenhab

Here with an android phone, and basic ui is still very slow.

I still cannot connect remotely with Android and App version 2.4.0

iOS and Alexa still not working for me also.

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Still down here for me

Hey Community,
I ve got the same Problems. SonyZX2. Thanks Dan- but, Habdroid was updated- it would be very cool (i said it before) to integrate the Server- Status, and also send to all notifications if the Server is on a maintance Mode, or if you changed something. I think it would be a great function for all, because you have lower traffic in the Community, and no panic attacks:). Thanks for spending your time and energy to solve the problem.

And some tips: the New habdroid have Problems with webview websites- to solve It download the beta at GitHub, the newest one. And the second tip for amazonechocontrol-- there are Problems with 2.3.0 you have to download 2.4.0 and have move it to addons. In summary, that are 3 different Problems, since a few days, that everyone have to know and have to changed this on your own Systems.

So, thank you Dan (and the Rest of the Team) , im waiting for a stable connection:)

Still down here for me too.

There is something missing in the status check:
“Nov 15, 2018 No incidents reported today.”

Should anyone change the topic from “Solved” to unsolved?

Hello, Alexa is now working and I can accsess dashboard from myopenhab.org

But openhab android wont connect due to java timeout exeption, also get this error on gpstracker binding (jave.net.timeoutexeption:timeout)
I belive this to be because of slowness in the servers

Well, it seems that the browser http access and other integrations (Google, Alexa, etc) to myopenhab.org are working fine, so the topic title is covered :slight_smile:

There are still problems with the mobile app access… Dan is looking over them.

See here:

That thread has been unmarked as solved. Discuss there lag issues with the mobile app access plz.

Yes thanks–but in the Community overview and at the top of the Page, there is the comment of topic : apps and Services, myopenhab. If you are searching for Problems, i ask exectly here. So, its an App issue to communicate correctly with the Server. The Services are working correctly, Amazon and so on. The biggest Problem is that many “Bugs” happen in a few days. Now, Dan, has identified the Server Problem with the App- i think we have to wait, and it doesnt solved yet.

Why dont someone pin the thread?? I guess it´s need these days!