[SOLVED] Is this IF comparison wrong?

whats the correct syntax for this if statement (compare every light hsbtype in one room with a given HSBType)?

var HSBType weiss = new HSBType(new DecimalType(0),new PercentType(0),new PercentType(100))
if((Yeelightc_6.state as HSBType).equals(weiss) && (Yeelightc_6.state as HSBType).equals(weiss) && (XGateway_c.state as HSBType).equals(weiss) == true)

thanks in advantage!

Try this, but check the first two items as they are the same, or is that a typo?

if(Yeelightc_6.state as HSBType == weiss && Yeelightc_6.state as HSBType == weiss && XGateway_c.state as HSBType == weiss) {
// if the above statement is true then do whatever goes here
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typo, thanks.
I’ll try and solution your answer if it fits. :slight_smile:

You might need the extra ( )'s, not really sure, so if the first way fails try like below.

if(Yeelightc_6.state as HSBType == weiss) && (Yeelightc_6.state as HSBType == weiss) && (XGateway_c.state as HSBType == weiss) {
// if the above statement is true then do whatever goes here

but lets hold on for the syntax:
so basically an if statement returns true if all of its boolean querys return true
if (truestatement && truestatement) -> true
So I can get a bunch of querys returning true without saying that they HAVE to be true, to get my if statement to true


Sorry, this was a bit indistinctly.
What I meant:
you don’t have to tell the compiler which state all querys should return.
for example:
if(true.statement && true.statement == true)

but this is enough:
if(true.statement && true.statement )

The if statement checks if everything is true. If all is true then the part between the { } of the rule will execute. If the statement is not true it will not execute and you can use else to execute something different when the if statement is false.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, see the comments // in the rule below. Hope this helps.

rule "Detect Motion when Garage is Open"
    Item Esp_Easy_Motion changed from OFF 
    if(Proxy_Motion.state == ON && stopMotionTimer === null && ESP_Easy_Door.state == OFF){  // When everything in the statement is TRUE it will execute
        Echo_Plus_TTS.sendCommand('Alert, garage movement!')  // This happens when the if statement is true
            stopMotionTimer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(15)) [|  // Just a timer so it doesn't happen every second while movement is detected. 
                stopMotionTimer = null

See the link for how statments work. I keep this book marked on my PC.:wink:

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Thank you all guys!

(((Yeelightc_5.state as HSBType).equals(weiss)) && ((Yeelightc_6.state as HSBType).equals(weiss)) && ((XGateway_c.state as HSBType).equals(weiss)))

did it.

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Good deal.:+1:

Look like what you had at first was mostly correct, just needed to remove the ==true b/c that’s what the if statement is doing,:wink: and add the extra ( )'s

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Thanks, I’m sure aware how a if statement works lol, I’m just sometimes confused how XBase is interpreting things.
I’m Sometimes having strange behaviour with my VS Code extension when writing a if statement.
XBase is just an unusual language and I’m not aware of anything yet

What kind of strange behavior are you having?

Syntax highlighting where everything should be fine, most of the time it’s a comparison between values which should return a boolean type.
Anyway, it’s working just fine now. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to return a boolean attribute through a group foreach?
something like

gAColor.members.forEach[i| (i.state as HSBType).equals(weiss)]

But this one just executes the code on the group and doesn’t return any bool attributes