[SOLVED] Issue updating to openhabian 2.5.0 build 1495

(Andrea Riela) #1

Hi folks,

(sorry, let me clear the topic a bit … other issues solved)

after this update I see this log I’m not understanding:

2019-01-11 23:56:46.375 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-misc-myopenhab, openhab-binding-mqtt1'

I’m used to install bindings via PaperUI, so my addons.cfg is completed commented out.

Any suggestion? how to solve the myopenhab and mqtt1 issue?

I’ve already cleared my cache.



(Wouter Born) #3

You can fix it by removing them from


(Andrea Riela) #4

Question: if I use PaperUI instead of addons.cfg, is correct that I have also to this addons.config? It’s something I need to manage manually when I install a binding via PaperUI?

(Wouter Born) #5

Yes you’ll still have the addons.config file if you only manage addons via Paper UI. That’s the file where the addons installed via Paper UI and defined in addons.cfg are persisted. Usually it should stay in sync with the changes you make in Paper UI.

If you once used addons.cfg and commented the lines they remain in the addons.config file.

(Andrea Riela) #6

Now it’s crystal clear :slight_smile:


(YvesHanoulle) #7

if you need the MQTT binding from addons.cfg you need a line like
binding = mqtt1