[SOLVED] Issue with AVG Group: wrong value due to error in rule

Hi all,

I don’t know why, but I see a wrong value as average between two members of the same group. Here my conf:

Group:Number:AVG gSF_AVGTemperature "Indoor Temperature Second Floor [%.1f °C]"

Number Converted_MCOHome_PM25_Temperature "Temperature [%.1f °C]" (gFF_Hallway, gTemperature, gAVGTemperature, gSF_AVGTemperature, gChart, gHistory)
Number Netatmo_HobbyRoom_Temperature "Temperature [%.1f °C]" (gSF_HobbyRoom, gTemperature, gAVGTemperature, gSF_AVGTemperature, gChart, gHistory)

The Converted item is the result of this rule:

rule "Converting MCOHome Temperature and Humidity"
    Item MCOHome_PM25_Temperature received update or
    Item MCOHome_PM25_Humidity received update or
    System started
    if(MCOHome_PM25_Temperature.state == NULL || MCOHome_PM25_Humidity.state == NULL) {
    else {
        Converted_MCOHome_PM25_Temperature.sendCommand(((MCOHome_PM25_Temperature.state as Number) + 1.0).floatValue)
        Converted_MCOHome_PM25_Humidity.sendCommand(((MCOHome_PM25_Humidity.state as Number) + 4.0).floatValue)

With this rule I would like to calibrate those two values (the right temperature is +1C, and the right humidity is +4%)

Any clue where is my mistake?


edit: well, actually now it works … Sorry for useless post