[SOLVED] Issue with Homekit pairing

Hi Folks out there in the openhab universe!

I’m really struggling with my homekit integartion on openhab2:

  • I configured homekit service in openhab and entered the ip of the openhab server and the pin, 012-98-123
  • When adding a new devkice on my iphon in homekit app, it shows the openhab. After selecting and entering the pin 012-98-123 it shows a message, that openhab can not be added (in german: “openHAB konnte nicht hinzugefügt werden: Home konnte keine Verbindung zu diesem Gerät herstellen”)

I already used search function(s) but without success.

logfile shows the following, which is not really helping me a lot.

is ther someone out there who could support and guide here?

Many thanks!


I don’t know why, but now it works.