[SOLVED] Item fires Item

Hey guys,

is there any chance to configure an item to fire another item.
I have items for my Sonoff Switches and the have names which aren’t pretty good for Alexa to understand.

So I need separate Alexa Items for each switch. I don’t want to declare the mqtt commands twice in both items cause it makes changes much more complicated. Therefore it would be great if there is a chance to say the Alexa item to just switch the regarding sonoff item on/off.

Thank you guys.
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Use a rule for what.

Isn’t there a smoother possibility than writing an extra rule? Something like:

Switch ITEM [“Lighting”] {switch=OTHERITEM}

would be nice…

You can create a routine in the Alexa app with a more understandable name, which triggers the item that it doesn’t understand well.

Your options, as Harry and Scott indicate, are:

  1. Put the MQTT binding config on both Items
  2. Write a Rule
  3. Create an Alexa routine

There is no way to link Items together directly in .items files.

I suppose one could theoretically possible to write a binding that does this, though I’m not certain that would be a good idea. It blurs the line between the model (i.e. the Items) and the behavior (i.e. Rules) which I fear will cause more confusion in the long run than the ability skip writing a one to two line Rule is worth. But that’s just my opinion.

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@Max_Bec can you post one line in your items file?

Asking cause Alexa uses the label not item name. I want to ask you a question.

Just change the friendly name in Tasmota in a good one for Alexa
Friendly name can be different from item name, no problem!

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Thank you guys! :slight_smile: