[SOLVED] Item icon in PaperUI

Is it possible to set an icon for an item created in PaperUI? I know when an item is created in a .item file, you can give it an icon. But I don’t see a way to do the same thing for an item configured using PaperUI, other than setting it in the sitemap.

On a more general note, the documentation always seems to describe how to do things in a .items file, not PaperUI. Am I wrong to use PaperUI to create items? Is PaperUI the “new” way to configure, but the documentation just hasn’t caught up? I’m migrating OpenHAB from a VM to an LXC container and trying to clean up my configuration in the process…just want to make sure I’m doing things in a manner that will be best supported moving forward.

Maybe REST API can be used to add an icon. I know you can use REST adding tags to an item.

In the item config screen the icon name should be pot in the category field:

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Oh, I got fooled by that field name. That worked, thank you!