[Solved] Item not visible in sitemap (text cfg vs. DB)

I’ve observed some weirdness over weekend.
I have the same item (almost) defined twice (that was not the goal, that’s for debug only).
One is defined in the text config and another is in the database (through Paper UI).

String WeatherForecastInt “Forecast (MySensors) [%s]” (gWeather) { channel=“mysensors:baro:cb95f992:baro” }

The data source for the both is the same.
Both are visible in the console with the right states:

openhab> items list Weather*
WeatherForecastInt (Type=StringItem, State=stable, Label=Forecast (MySensors), Category=text, Groups=[gWeather])
WeatherForecast (Type=StringItem, State=stable, Label=Forecast (MySensors), Category=text, Groups=[gWeather])

The problem that only WeatherForecastInt (defined in the text configuration) is visible in the sitemap, the other one (defined in the DB) is always empty.
I’m just changing the item name here:

Text item= WeatherForecast

Any idea why?

Add another sitemap line for Text item= WeatherForecastInt ?

As I said, I was changing the item name and checking.
Having 2 lines at once gives exactly the same result - one is populated and another one is empty.

Answering my own question - for some reasons I forgot about formatting when added an item through Paper UI. Now I added [%s] and problem is gone.

Based on my experience I’d recommend using the GUI as little as possible for configuration.

When I first used oh2, I had stuff in the GUI and some in cfg files. You can have the same thing defined in two places and it can get weird. Then some things can’t be configured in the GUI. ick.

Then upgrading… that’s a new can of worms when using the GUI.