[SOLVED] Item "predicted to become", spaming log-file

Hello folks,

my logfiles have many entries like: “item xy predicted to become…”, this is a litte annoying (to me, maybe to others, too?).

To get rid of these entries, see solution!


in karaf console:

log:set ERROR smarthome.event.ItemStatePredictedEvent

turning back:

log:set DEFAULT smarthome.event.ItemStatePredictedEvent

Additional comment : Sometimes it will be worth considering the underlying cause, rather than just suppressing the message.

The "predicted..." message comes from the autoupdate feature, guessing the effect of a command on the Item’s state.
Sometimes you want that, sometimes it is unnecessary - because you get a prompt status update back from a real device, say.
Autoupdate is enabled by default, but can be disabled for individual Items.

Additional information:

Parameter autoupdate

autoupdate="false" is a special instruction which keeps the current state of the item, even if a command has been received. This way, the Item is unchanged unless you explicitly post an update to the item.


Switch Garage_Gate {binding="xxx", autoupdate="false"}

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