[SOLVED] Item state on Map Transform

Hi I want to make this Item:
Number ac_temp "Air Conditioner Temp:" <asun>
To be able to change icons depends on the AC Status.
Here is my sitemap

Selection visibility=[Ac_modes == 4] item=ac_temp mappings=[26=“Hot 26 Degrees”, 27=“Hot 27 Degrees”, 28=“Hot 28 Degrees” , 29=“Hot 29 Degrees”, 30=“Hot 30 Degrees”]

Selection visibility=[Ac_modes == 1] item=ac_temp mappings=[21=“Cold 21 Degrees”, 22=“Cold 22 Degrees”, 23=“Cold 23 Degrees”, 24=“Cold 24 Degrees”, 25=“Cold 25 Degrees”]

Ac_temp is the Item and get value between 21-30 depends on AC_mode, and its working, but if I want to make a dynamic Icon it’s goin to check the Ac_temp.state.

What can I do to make the Ac_temp change Icons, depend on the Ac_mode.state?

Okay, you have already set up using visibility= to display alternate sitemap lines.

You can also specify different icons (or icon set for dynamic icons) in those very same alternate lines.

Thank you I got it.

Icon=“myicon” ?

Thank you for fast replay but I just made it :smiley:
Thank you!