[SOLVED] Items/things disappeared after OH 2.5 upgrade

Ok, I’m totally not sure what I cannot see or what I see wrong here, but it seems some of my items disappeared after the upgrade.

After the upgrade I have tons of problems so I decided to get rid of them one by one.
One of them is the following. I have some MQTT device for example a LED strip with multiple items like LivingRoom_Multisensor02_Color

In the items file this is its definition:

Color           LivingRoom_Multisensor02_Color                  "Livingroom workbenc Light 1 Color"                                                      <rgb>               (gLivingRoom, gLightDesign, gLEDStrips, gLEDStrips_Color, gRemoteSensors) 

I received an error regarding this in the log:

2019-12-23 13:57:31.214 [ERROR] [ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Cannot retrieve item 'LivingRoom_Multisensor02_Color' for widget org.eclipse.smarthome.model.sitemap.sitemap.Colorpicker

I checked it in PaperUI and it totally missing from there.
Furtheremore there are items for this LED strip in my config which are mixed up (???):
Like in my items file there is a

Switch          LivingRoom_Multisensor02_Power                  "Livingroom workbench Light 1 Power"                                                                          (gLivingRoom, gLightDesign, gLEDStrips, gRemoteSensors, gArriveHomeLight)      {channel="mqtt:topic:ledstrip2:Workbench_Multisensor02_LEDSTRIP_1_Power"}

However in PaperUI I see this:


Based on its label this is a different item which I doesn’t have in my config file. Probably in the past I added this item with this Test labe while I was testing it but since a long time this was renamed. Where did it came back? I have cleaned the cache after the upgrade. Also where did my Color item disappeared.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: some things also missing.

I had to restart OH once after upgrading in order to get my configuration files to load. The first start also complained of the Ephemeris configuration. all those errors disappeared upon restart, for me.

I have restarted several times. Also I have restarted my raspberry multiple times.
And I also have Ephemeris problems in my logs which is on my TODO list too. :slight_smile:

In the Paper UI there is an Ephemeris configuration under System. Perhaps that can clear some of those errors.
I configured that AFTER the errors disappeared though.

It looks cleaning OH cache makes OH a bit crazy until a few reboot. Which I believe is not really fine.
Anyway it looks multiple reboot after cleaning the cache solves this kind of issue.


I know the startup after clearing cache takes longer because OH does not have cached information to speed it up.

The problem is not the slowdown. The problem is that items and things are missing after cleaning the cache. It looks the config is not loaded correctly after cleaning the cache until a few reboot.

Paper UI == > Configuration ==> System ==> Item Linking ==> SImple mode
TURN OFF (it helps for me)

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Most everybody here never turned it on :wink: