[SOLVED] JeeLink / Lacrosse - Battery Status


I have a problem with my JeeLink / Lacrosse Sensors (TX29 with USB CUL).
Reading of temperature and humidity works veryl well.
Now I wanted to watch over the battery status of the sensors, but I dont get any updates from the sensors.

My lacrosse.items:

// Item Sensor 4

             Number Sensor4Temp "Temperatur Schlafzimmer"      <temperature> (Temperaturen) { channel="jeelink:lacrosse:2:temperature" }
             Number Sensor4Hum    "Luftfeuchtigkeit Schlafzimmer"   <humidity> (Luftfeuchtigkeit)  { channel="jeelink:lacrosse:2:humidity" }
             Contact Sensor4BatLow "Schlafzimmer [MAP(lacrosse.map):%s]" (lacrossebatlow) {channel="jeelink:lacrosse:2:batteryLow"}

So the Battery Status is a Contact item, Battery low is “closed” and Battery OK schold be “open”

I created a corresponding map file (Leer means emtpy in German…)


In my Sitemap I use text items as following:

Text item=Sensor4BatLow icon=“battery”

In my sitemap the Item Sensro4BatLow is always shown as “leer” / equals to “CLOSED”

So I first thought, that the battery is really empty. I replaced the battery with brand new loaded batteries, restartet OpenHAB and once again the Sensors changes from NULL to CLOSED after restart.

events.log looks like this:

2019-01-19 12:16:45.177 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Sensor4BatLow changed from NULL to CLOSED

I don’t think, that the Sensor sends any lowbattery Update. It seems that OpenHAB after a restart just defaults to CLOSED.

Does anybody know if the TX29 sends a BatteryLow status in a specifics interval, or only if the battery really gets Low?

I’ve been watching the events.log file for 45 minutes and don’t get any updates, so I assume there is no sending interval from the Sensors?

Any ides, suggestions or hints? :slight_smile:

Are you sure, could it be the other way around?

According to

it should bei correct:

Whether the battery is low (CLOSED) or not (OPEN)

Have you tried with an actual low battery to see if that changes?

No I didn’t try older batteries. I don’t have empty batteries :slightly_smiling_face:
I increased the log level to TRACE via the OpenHAB Console (smarthome.event.ItemStateEvent )
Now I can see updates from the Sensors:

2019-01-19 15:36:46.390 [thome.event.ItemStateEvent] - Sensor2BatLow updated to OFF
2019-01-19 15:44:46.450 [thome.event.ItemStateEvent] - Received event of type ‘ItemStateEvent’ under the topic ‘smarthome/items/Sensor2BatLow/state’ with payload: '{“type”:“OnOff”,“value”:“OFF”}'

So it seems the values is not “CLOSED” or “OPEN” but OFF/ON…
I assume there have been changes from the JeeLink Binding from OpenHAB 2.2. to 2.4?

After restarting OpenHab I still first get the entry in events.log:

2019-01-19 15:51:42.023 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Sensor2BatLow changed from NULL to CLOSED

an a few seconds later again:

2019-01-19 15:52:40.199 [thome.event.ItemStateEvent] - Received event of type ‘ItemStateEvent’ under the topic ‘smarthome/items/Sensor2BatLow/state’ with payload: ‘{“type”:“OnOff”,“value”:“OFF”}’
2019-01-19 15:52:40.201 [thome.event.ItemStateEvent] - Sensor2BatLow updated to OFF

Problem seems to besolved!

The Documentation seems not to be up to date.
The Channel is a switch and not a contact.
PaperUI is showing jeelink:lacrosse::batteryLow now as a switch.
So I changed my items file from “contact” to “switch”, mapped ON to “Low Battery” and OFF to “Battery OK”.