[SOLVED] KNX Binding with old Rollershutter-Actor

Hi guys,

first of all … i posted this twice, but as the other thread

is solved i started a new one …

probably you will say: “Dude! buy a new actor!!”, but I´ll try it anyway …
My Actor “Rollladenaktor 4fach 6 A 230V, Hand REG”

has in fact no response address of the shutter position.

Just Langzeit-/ Kurzzeit Betrieb.

When i give the Rollershutter Item the Langzeit Address, i can move it, but I can´t stop it…
When i give it the Kurzzeit Address it just moves in tiny steps…

So, what do you say … ?

Let me guess! … “Dude!! buy a new actor!” ? :slight_smile:

No one ? … I really have problems with that …

My actor really have only 2 inputs i can give him

Short-Term processing (Kurzzeit Betrieb) and Long-Term processing (Langzeit Betrieb)

And I can´t stop it when i press the Long-Termin button

Rollershutter rolleShutterBueroEG “Büro EG” { knx=“3/1/12” }

Switch item=rolleShutterBueroEG label=“Rollläden EG [(%d)]” mappings=[UP=“Hoch”, STOP=“X”, DOWN=“Runter”]

no compatible datapoint found for item rolleShutterBueroEG (org.openhab.core.library.types.StopMoveType), check item configuration

Hi Wurzelseppi,
a couple of days ago Amazons Alexa arrived and the combination of openhab2 and all other switches is working well.
All, except the shutters! I’ve got the same problem and cannot find a solution. Did you get a response on your post how to trigger that Step-Object?
Are you living in Germany? (Habe das selbe Problem wie du, hoch/runter geht einwandfrei. Nur angehalten bekomm ich die Rolladen nicht über openhab)


yeah, living in Germany, but let´s keep it in english, so everybody can participate:

My configuration works, and it works like that (very simple :slight_smile: )

Rollershutter shutter_erdgeschosskueche "Kueche" (group_Erdgeschoss_Kueche__SHUTTER) { knx="3/1/0, 3/1/1" }
Switch item=shutter_erdgeschosskueche label="RL [(%d)]" icon="blinds" mappings=[UP="Hoch", STOP="X", DOWN="Runter"]

I´m not sure, how the STOP command mapping is translated in backend, but it works fine

For rollershutter items, you have to use both MOVE and STEP GA:

Rollershutter MyShutter "My Rollershutter" {knx="1/1/1,1/1/2"}
//1/1/1 -> MOVE UP/DOWN
//1/1/2 -> STEP UP/DOWN (here used as STOP)

As the actuator will not announce if it’s running the roller shutter up, down or stops it, there is no way to even guess at which hight the roller shutter is. But of course you can setup a rule to measure the run time as long as only openHAB does the control.
But I never implemented this, I swallowed the pill and bought 4 new actuators - for 19 roller shutters, a cinema screen and a motorized window…