[SOLVED] KNX Bindings offline when using text file

I’ve recentst upgrades met Raspberry Pi to the new release openHAB 2.4 .
When i use the paperui to configuring my knx things, they’re al online and available. Also groupaddress is filled in.
When i use the same configuration with text file ( VS CODE) my devies have status offline or unknown. The only device that is online is my knx/op gateway.
Need help ( beginner , started openHAB a few weeks ago)

you need to post your items and things config files (using Code Fences)
obviously you have some syntax errors in them

You can’t use PaperUI AND text files for the same purpose.
Read the docs.
Btw, you must give more details such as the file names if you want us to be able to help.

Hello everybody,

Thanks for the responce. I’m aware the incan’t use paper ui and text file for the same purpose. But i started with paperui for testing and now i want to do it in text file.
I’ve checked my config again and i restarted the raspberry. After the restart all my devices came online. So for the moment my problem is solved.
Thanks again for the help