[Solved] KNX Channel Color

Hi there,
I am trying to use openhab with my knx system. For switches and dimmers it works very well,
however, currently I am struggling with the Color item to control RGB (DPT 232.600)
When I want to create a new knx thing in the paper UI and add the channel, I have no choice of selecting “color” as type of the new channel.
So I selected number, however, when I create a item (as color), and link it to the channel, I have a control and can select a color, however, when I check the data on my knx bus, only a 2 byte value is sent. It should be 3 bytes (DPT 232.600)
Where is my problem? What did’t I think about.


I think the KNX binding does not yet support DPT 232.600 (OpenHAB does, but not the binding). Therefore, you cannot read or write this data type from/to the bus. There is a workaround by using 3 separate items for R, G, and B, which may work for you.

Unfortunately, this does not help if your KNX device can only be configured to send 232.600. I have such a case. Implementation of a color binding in KNX 2 would be very much appreciated.

Closing the thread :slight_smile: