[SOLVED] KNX Scenes problem when start OH2


Actually I have this scenes options:

GA= 0/2/5 close all blinds and turn off all lights
GA= 0/2/6 turn off all lights


Type number : cenario “Cenario” [ ga=“17.001:<0/2/5”]


Number cenario “Cenário” { channel=“knx:device:bridge:generic:cenario” }

The problem is, when I restart the OH, OH calls the scene 0/2/5 and close all my blinds and turn off all lights.

This is normal, how can i do this to not happen?


Simple: don’t restart OH, keep it running. There is no need to restart it at any time.

This answer makes no sense, if for some reason I have a power failure, when the system starts I will have this problem.

Oh it does make a lot of sense because

  1. most people to ask what you asked deliberately reboot OH often - which is a total no-go - and need to understand first that they must not do that.
  2. you should run on UPS anyway so there should be a very rare real need left

Finally to handle that case as well, you need to find out what is the trigger.I don’t know if the KNX binding initializes everything on startup but would doubt it does as I have not heard anyone mention that to date.
And if it does not, OH does it because of your own code, i.e. your rules, your persistence setup etc, so you yourself must know the reason.

Your question/explanation was not good and comprehensive enough to understand what you actually are asking for. Noone on the forum knows how your system is setup but you yourself.

For example, if you have configured persistence on that scene item to apply restoreOnStartup, that’s what OH will do. Guess what that’ll cause.

A binding does not normally send anything “out” to the real world, unless you send a command to an Item linked to a channel.

There are exceptional ways to configure a KNX channel to send out state changes instead - but no sign of that in what you have shown here.

First action then, look in your events.log for commands to this Item.


I already solve my problem, I remove the character “<” from my things.