[SOLVED] KNX status with TWO actor

Hi dear, I have a question about a configuration with KNX ga.
I have a corridor sectioned with 2 lights. They have this GA
1/0/1-> Switch Long Corridor (actor1)
1/0/2-> Switch Short Corridor (actor2)
1/0/3-> Switch ALL Corridor (actor 1+2)

1/2/1-> Status Long Corridor (actor1)
1/2/2-> Status Short Corridor (actor2)

So, what is the best way to have the status for “ALL the corridor”? is it possible to make a thing something like this?
1/0/3+<1/2/1 & 1/2/2
maybe the solution is by knx side, but I don’t find the solution.
Thanks for your time,

How about putting the 2 status items into a group and check for the group status ?
This unlocks the status for other bindings, e.g. if you later add a Hue light it can be added quickly.
Linking it into knx is less easy.

Something like

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gCorridorStatus “Corridor [(%d)]” (All)

Together with your switch items for 1/2/1 and 1/2/2 like

Switch CL_Status “Corridor Long Status” (gCorridorStatus) [“Lighting”]{channel=“knx:device:bridge1:Actor1:X”}
Switch CL_Status “Corridor Short Status” (gCorridorStatus) [“Lighting”]{channel=“knx:device:bridge1:Actor2:Y”}

this should work.
Replace the binding details with your own knx bridge, actor and actor channel definitions.
This requires the new knx-Binding, the old 1.1 does not work with the above items.

For rules based on group status you could e.g check this post.

Hope there are no typos, nailed this together from parts of my setup.


Thanks, actually this is the better way. :+1:

could you explane to me the meaning of [(%d)]” (All), please? It was better if I can have a link where to study this sintax

The formatting options are described here.
As for (All): The item belongs to a group named “All”. You can savely remove that of you like.