[SOLVED] KNX2 binding: max number of connections

When I tried to connect to my KNX IP tunnel from ETS5 I got an error saying the maximum number of connections was already reached.
As the only other service conencted to KNX is Openhab, I suspect there is something in the KNX2 binding that doesn’t close cleanly.

Restarting openhab2 restored everything. Openhab2 conencts to KNX and my ETS5 application also.

I did have some problem with my KNX IP device getting an IP address, so my log is filled with

2019-02-18 14:06:24.845 [ERROR] [Xnet/IP Tunneling 192.168.xxx.xxx:3671] - establishing connection failed, timeout connecting to control endpoint /192.168.xxx.xxx:3671

I have to correct myself: while typing this post, my ETS5 disconnected and now I’m unable to connect as the max number of connections is reachted.

2 possibilities: my LAN is breached or OpenHAB2 KNX uses too much connections (5 in my case).

For the record: I have 2 bridges defined in my knx.things, pointing to the same IP tunnel device

It is very unlikely that you need two bridges at all.
As I use openHAB1 and two instances of openHAB2.5 in parallel plus ETS5 connection, I can guarantee that openHAB will use only one connection (per connection). [this is for test purpose only]
But it’s very likely that your configuration with multiple bridges for one openHAB instance and one knx bus has locked up your gateway, so I recommend a reset of your gateway (i.e. cut the connection to knx bus and power supply for at least 5 seconds, then reconnect).

So I merged the two bridges, reset the device.
When first connecting to ETS5, the openhab log say (6 times)

establishing connection failed, error response from control endpoint / could not accept new connection (maximum reached)

After disconnecting ETS5, Openhab connects just fine. But now I cannot connect from ETS anymore.

I really don’t have a clue where those connections come from!

Are you sure the gateway still accepts 5 connections? Once I had an issue with my gateway and I had to reconfigure the gateway to accept more than connection.

Indeed, once reset, the gateway only accepts one connection. I had an old version of the manual which didn’t include this information.