[SOLVED] KNX2 Read Temperature

I have this definition in my things file

Thing device KNX_SEN_1_1_44 "KNK [ATT] 1.1.44 (Sensori Temperatura 1)" @ "KNX" [ address="1.1.44", fetch=false, pingInterval=600, readInterval=1 ]
                        Type    number :        KNX_APP_TemperaturaBagno     "KNX [APP] Temperatura Bagno"           [ ga="<9.001:7/0/1"]
                        Type    number :        KNX_APP_TemperaturaCameretta "KNX [APP] Temperatura Cameretta"       [ ga="<9.001:7/0/2"]

Using ETS I can read the correct temperature from my groups, but in Paper UI I see this:


Where is the error?


It’s my big sintax error: [ ga="<9.001:7/0/1"] --> [ ga=“9.001:<7/0/1”]