[SOLVED] Konke Multi-Function button

Problems connecting Konke Multi-Function button Zigbee 3.0 to my zigbee network.
I have multiple plugs, bulbs and other zigbee devices but any zigbee 3.0.
So my problem is that I am not able to install Konke Multi-Function button in openhab.

My zigbee coordinator is an Elelabs Ember EM35x Coordinator
I tried writing Install code in the coordinator config (Not sure about the code)
IEEE Address: 23777

Someone has achieved to pair Konke Multi-Function button Zigbee 3.0 to openhab?
Any idea?

The device is ZB3.0 - it might require an install code. In theory it should work with the standard keys, but it depends on the implementation.

Thank you Chris! Any idea how can I get the Install Code? In the box there are only 2 codes one is FCC and the other is IC that has this format “12344-HKKEY” but none of this allow me to pair the button.
In the openhab documentation it says that the install code should be more digits…

I finally found that the Konke Multi-Function button must work on channel 15 or 20. It is not necessary to use an install code to be discovered by openhab.

That’s very strange, and would make this device incompatible with ZigBee 3.0 as it must search all channels.

Yes, it’s strange but it says something similar here: