[SOLVED] Labels in group are ambiguous


I am new to sitemaps. I did my configuration and it works well. I have every item also in a group.
Grouped light switches in the Light group has the same name. (see picture).
I could change the label to have something like “Kitchen Light” but it would be redundant information in the Kitchen group where is only one light switch and other items.

Is it possible to add room name to the label (dynamically?) in light switch group?


I think there is no way in sitemap.
What you can do is, no label definition in items-file but in sitemap. So the group shows the name. But you don’t get a formatted state.
What about HABPANEL?

Can you post your items file and sitemap?

Thank you, I will try that .

Hi Harry,

it works ! Also it is possible to have the one label in config file and another different one in sitemap. Also status of the item (e.g. %s) in sitemap label definiton works too.