[SOLVED] Link to Zwave binding SNAPSHOT 2.5

Thanks Sajive, will try 'n let you know.


I can’t figure out where on this page I download the latest .jar file from the Jenkins site. I don’t have anything that remotely looks like a download link. Can anyone help?

Thanks for this! Worked perfectly (i also didn’t need the xstream jar).

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To download the JAR file, click on the parent folder (openHAB2-Bundles). From there, click on Last Successful Artifacts, bindings, [the binding you are seeking], [binding].jar

cue Bruce with update script link…

https://ci.openhab.org/job/openHAB2-Bundles is giving a 404 error and https://ci.openhab.org/job/openHAB2-Bundles/lastSuccessfulBuild/org.openhab.addons.bundles%24org.openhab.binding.zwave/ does the same. Is there a new link?

This seems to work now:

Hello. I am still on 2.5.11 (official what I get from apt repo) and have the known issue with Spirit Z-Wave Plus thermostat device. I would like to use the 2.5.10 version of the Z-Wave binding, but cannot find it anywhere. Does anybody have a link to the jar-file?

@chris - is there anywhere an official place, where older versions can be downloaded without having to worry about unknown and potentially malicious sources?

Updating to 3.x is no option for me, as I have spent so many hundreds of hours in my OpenHAB 2 system which I can’t (and won’t) spend again.

If you are on 2.5.11, why do you want to use an older binding? Did it not have the device you need, but the older version does?

I’m not sure - this is really a question for the OH maintainers as I’m not involved in the distribution side.

In theory you can edit your existing JAR - it’s just a ZIP file and you might be able to add the XML for the device you want, and it will likely work.

Hello @chris ,

I want to switch to 2.5.10 because my Spirit Thermostat does not work with later version (there’s a thread somewhere that says that there was a mistake introduced in the database in 2.5.11) and the recommendation is to go to 2.5.10.

As far as I’m aware there is no repository with these old versions.