[SOLVED] Local OpenHab install and google home

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: x86/4gb/27TB Synology 1813+
    • OS: Synology/docker (Debian)
    • Java Runtime Environment: default
    • openHAB version: 2.5.0

I’ve a fix ip address and optic fiber internet connection (1gb/s download, 500mb/s upload)
I’m currently accessing OpenHab remotely thanks to the Android app + terminus ssh app with a tunnel that forward localhost:7080 to OpenHab:8080.

I would rather not expose my local OpenHab directly on internet.

I’ve :

  • Sony beamer
  • Pioneer AV
  • Philips Hue (16 lights)
  • Bticino F454 bus (3 roller shutters, 9 lights, 2 thermometer, 5 ecu)

I plan to setup a raspberry pi to control the motorized screen.

So ideally I want to be able to say : ok google, cinema mode. Which would trigger :

  • Dim lights
  • Close roller shutter if sun is up in the sky
  • start beamer et av, Switch Channel on dvd

So I’ve read a bit about google home integration, but it’s not clear to me which path I should take.

I’ve read about google cloud function, actions, myopenhab.org (is it a hosted install or just a bridge between google and my home setup)

Google home is on my local wifi, so it should be able to access my local OpenHab instance directly?
(I think it can’t for security reasons, but I’m not sure)

Any tips on how to proceed ?


Yes it should, that is not an issue

You want to access your OH instance over the net, use the myopenhab.org add-on
It’s a secure bridge hosted by the foundation

OR you could run a VPN and connect to your network that way

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Thanks !

Accessing remotely to my oh instance : I’m fine with my ssh+tunnel option.

What would be the steps required to enable google home integration?

Google home requires you to use my openHAB or self host the my openHAB service.

There are threads with deep details about both on community.

In short though you need to add the myopenhab add on to your openHAB instance. After doing this you will configure a server to connect with. This server can be the option provided by the openHAB foundation or an instance you host yourself.
After doing this you add the openHAB skill to your google and make the connection over oauth.

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I think you are misunderstanding how this works. Google home will not interact with your openhab instance via same network in any way, this is not like Homekit which can e.g run on your apple tv4k and execute commands localy, everything will go throught the internet. Google has a local execution support in beta phase meaning that your physical Google device ( not a phone) could interact with your local openhab install, but you have to have your devices on beta firmware channel, initial device stnc has to be done through the internet and currently only homeassistant supports that

So for now either use myopenhab.org with cloud connector addon, or run your own instance of myopenhab and host google cloud functions on your own project in testing phase

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That was my understanding :wink: I wasn’t sure though!
Thanks for confirming!

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Another option is self hosting your own completely local solution like I do. :wink:

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