[SOLVED] Log:tail not showing


When I try to show to live log with the command log:tail nothing happens, it just freeze, and i need to press ctrl-C to get back
normaly it works fine, i tried reboot and apt-get upgrade and update with no luck

the last thing i did was to install mysql and phpmyadmim.
everything else except for the log:tail works

My log:tail is working fine, on which version / os / hardware are you?

it also worked last time I was logged in.
today I installed mysql and when I checked to see the log, is was not working, so I dont know if it has something to do with this install of mysql.

I am running on a Raspberry pi 3 with openhabian

Openhab version 2.1.0

I just loaded an old backup and installed Mysql again, now it’s working