[SOLVED] Logitech Harmony Hub Binding - 4.15.206 firmware broke local API connection

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that is the correct procedure.
just select the correct device (home control) for harmony hub.
you won’t lose your devices and activities on downgrade. but you won’t be able to edit them without upgrading firmware again.


That should be ok.
Not really straightforward, but at least an option.

So according to the harmony forum procedure (I am German, too - ass you can hearr frrom my bloody accent :joy:) there is no local fw file needed but it’s gonna be pulled from any Logitech server (I assume)!?

Yes it will just download a previous version from their server. You can’t choose a specific version.

According to the Logitech community forum the Harmony Team is aware of the situation:


2 hours ago

Hi folks.

Will from the Harmony Team here. Just wanted to let you know we are aware of the feedback from the community. We will be providing an update shortly.

Thanks for your patience.




All are talking about closing port 5222, but “harmony binding” is using port 5224?

Or am I wrong?

That’s the discovery part. The binding uses the harmony-java-client which connects to port 5222:

I’m hoping they will fix this soon!
For example HEOS support is buggy for more than a 1.5 year from now…

Ok. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is there a (english) link/write-up somewhere how to accomplish the downgrade? Also, what (IP, hostname) do I need to block at the gateway level to keep those updates from happening.

Thanks for your help!


Somewhere in harmony forum I read the following:


Harmony Hub tried to connect to:

and/or: (from here: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/logitech-harmony-removes-local-api/85523 )

But you can block “harmony hub’s IP”, getting no access to internet in your router config.

Yea, I replied there too. Any link on how to get that rogue FW update off the thing?

Thanks a ton, just punched those into my router. IF anyone see’s any other IP’s, please add.

Yep, but so far the hubs were on DHCP (afaik, no way to set a static IP). Need to get my hub’s MAC’s into my DHCP servers for static assignment, then this will work. Thank you for the reminder!

BTW, does a hub reconfiguration (add/remove devices, activities) still work after blocking access to the logitech overlord?



But it’s only in GERMAN !!!

Yeah, I saw, made my way thru it. Even tho I’m native in German, it wasn’t all that obvious. Two points:
(1) this write-up uses the Logitech desktop app, not the Logitech web site (as I had initially thought)
(2) the second picture is misleading. Initially, it looks like there are less items to choose from. On the Mac, I had to wiggle the mouse a few times to get the scroll bars to show up and get the proper device selection.

One device down, 11 more to go :frowning:

But thank you for your help, otherwise I wouldn’t hear the end of it over christmas.

It looks like the guys over at HA have discovered another local API available that uses websockets on port 8088: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/logitech-harmony-removes-local-api/85523



Very sad news. Internet connection for the hub is turned off since yesterday…

Hi @A_Z: Would you consider removing the “solved” mark (if this is still possible)?

If I got all the news right here and in the home-assistant as well as in the logitech forum - then the way the harmony binding has been working is BROKEN PERMANENTLY.

Downgrading or blocking the internet access of the Harmony hub is an ugly workaround only, not a solution.
(Yes: I’ve blocked the internet access of mine too - of course)

Logitech seems to ignore our use cases.
We are a “subset of costomers” which “take secondary priority”:

Really? Is this how Logitech thinks about us?

Not sure if it helps, but is it possible to get an official writing from the openHAB foundation towards Logitech officials complaining about this shutdown of the local api and stating that this brakes a lot of use cases for home automation and the reasons to even buy a Logitech Harmony Hub.

Similar noise helped one day with the Philips HUE hub - remember?

If Logitech is not reverting to the former policy, could you ask for an permanent (local network based) alternative.

At least we should have a thick warning at the documentation of the Harmony binding stating - that it will not work with the recent firmware anymore.


Is there is any downside to isolating the Harmony Hub from the internet?

Sure: You can’t modify your settings anymore.