[SOLVED] Mail binding in OH1 - which, from what download etc

Hi all - I know that there are lots of posts about Mail bindings (I did look) but some relate to OH2, some of the links are now dead, and I’m not sure which binding I should be downloading or from where.
So I would be super grateful if someone could clarify the following specific aspects for me

  1. If I just want to use a line akin to this in a rule using OH 1.8.3 on an RPI running Raspian
    sendMail(“emailaddress”, “text”, “text”)

do I just need org.openhab.action.mail-1.12.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and is this the correct one?
If not, a pointer to where I can download the correct one would be much appreciated
(ie, is it correct that I don’t need org.openhab.binding.mailcontrol-1.12.0-SNAPSHOT.jar ?)

    • I see reference in the forums to specific mail.cfg and mailcontrol.cfg files but it isn’t clear to me whether this is OH2 or not or where these live. I have configured the mail section inside openhab.cfg and I’m not certain why OH would want me to do it twice but happy to do so. Aside: mail is configured and working on the rpi and I can send emails from the command line but I’m getting nothing from openhab
  1. I’m not seeing any errors but where should I be looking?. I have run OH in debug mode but saw nothing at all in the console window

Thanks in advance

Hi Tim,
The mail action is not a binding it’s an action.
You can install it through the paperUI in the addons/actions tab

Then you need to edit your mail.cfg in your conf/services folder as prescribed in the docs:


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Thanks - correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the paperUI an OH2 concept?
I was hoping to email from a rule in OH 1.8.3

Then you just need the:

But you still need to configure the openhab.cfg mail action section

All sorted - thanks Vincent

Coolio, please mark the solution. Good luck!