[SOLVED] MainUI widget DateTime Format (language)

Hi everyone,

I am using the garbage widget of @DrRSatzteil from the gallery (widget 117871).
For the various garbage items (DateTime) I also configured the state description with the pattern below:

%1$tA, %1$td.%1$tm.

This format leads to the english date format:

I am wondering why, because my local settings in mainUI are set to Germany and German.
The author of the widget does not use specific format stuff which could have an effect.

And the item itself also shows the English day format:

Any suggestion where the “Friday” might come from would be greatly appreciated.

I think datetime formatting (using the Java formatter) relies on the Java language settings.

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That’s awesome - I know this file from my java heap space experience - and it works like a charm!
Thanks for the guidance, @rossko57
I am always impressed by this swarm intelligence here in this forum! :smiley:
Much appreciated!

@DrRSatzteil FYI