[SOLVED] Manipulate text label?

Hello again :wink:
Is it possible to manipulate text label with rules?

I know how to manipulate value and then display it with [%s] so

Text something "some label [%s]"

something.postUpdate("with something else")

On sitemap there will be “some label” on the left, and “with something else” will be on the right.

But is it possible to change “some label” dynamicaly somehow? eg. left site of the UI gets updated?

Use transformations.

hmm will take a look on it. I though it’s as well manipulating data in []

Transformations used in the state/value part of labels are applied on the fly .

I’m not sure how transformation can dynamicaly manipulate left side of the item which is not value or state

With transformations you only modify the value. To set the label in rules just use

myItem.setLabel("This is the new label")

But be aware that the uis are not updating the labels automatically. They are updated only on load of a page


Thanks @Dibbler42 this is exactly I’ve been looking for!