[SOLVED] Manipulation of Switch item

Hey there,

I’m trying to manipulate a Switch-item to be an one-push-button. I already succeeded by using “mapping” in sitemap-data. But that’s not the best way working for me.

So my question: Is there any way to manipulate a Switch button to be a one-push-button?
An alternative solution would be, that the switch toggles automatically back to OFF-state without using rules.

Hope anyone can help me

Do you want to use PaperUI, BasicUI or HABPanel. Since HAPPanel offers such a thing you seek.
Called Button.

Use Expire binding (you may need to install it) for auto-off Item. You can choose to command or update it, which choice might be about what you are doing with it e.g. other bindings.

Switch PushButton "Press me" { expire="1s,command=OFF" }

You’ve already found Sitemap mappings, which allow you to make it look like a button.

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Hey, sorry forgot to mention that I’m using BasicUI

Thanks again rossko57, that’s what i was searching for.